Obtain Huge Arms With This Workout

The Best Bicep Exercises For Bulk

best bicep workout

Barbell Curl

This is a compound movement for your bicep, make an effort to alternate your grip in between narrow, medium and wide to focus on different areas of the bicep muscle. Execute 4 sets working inside the rep range of 6-12 whilst lifting in a smooth manner.

Preacher curls

This really is a fantastic isolation workout for the bicep muscle and gives it a good stretch. Once more, pick a weight you'll be able to do 15 repetitions on and this time we're planning to work down to 8 reps. So do 15, 12, 10 and then 8. Be sure to enhance the load to ensure the exercise is challenging.

Concentration curls

2 sets. Carry out 15 repetitions on these 2 sets. By this exercise your arms must be really fatigued and these are designed to finish them off and develop the peak of the bicep.

To summarise, the best way to get huge arms is for you to use these 3 exercises, lifting within the 6-15 repetition range and making certain you exhaust the muscle. That was the best bicep workouts using the best bicep exercises.

best bicep workout

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